Ground Transport vs. Air Transport for Pets

Why Ground Transport for Your Pet?

With the low airfares often offered by airlines as a means of pet transportation, honestly, why ground transport for your pet instead of an airline? 

Simply safety

The most respected animal advocacy groups in the USA, including the ASPCA, recommend against air transport for animals.  Flight should be only in the event of an emergency.  Consider confinement, airline delays, extreme temperatures, foreign sounds, weather changes. The list goes on and on.  Airlines report few deaths, but the trauma can be devastating.  Instead, they suggest using professional ground transport for your pet whenever possible.

Several instances of airline pet flying “mishaps” have been documented by various news agencies.  We have posted links to several of those on this page of our blog.  For a comprehensive, non-biased (they have gathered the monthly reports from the USDA) monthly report of Airline Pet Travel Reports, please visit

Ground transport vs. air transport for pets

 Weigh Cost vs. Safety

Airlines typically refuse to ship pets after the outside temperature reaches 85 degrees (F) (some are as low as 75 degrees). The same applies if any part of their trip will exceed a temperature of 85 degrees (F).  At the same time, they are touting the theory that the cargo hold area where pets are placed is climate-controlled. 

We have no first-hand experience with actual airline cargo hold conditions, but find this contradiction in to be suspect.  At 85 degrees (F), airlines will no longer ship pug or snub-nosed dogs and cats because they “do not thrive in warm temperatures.”  In a truly climate-controlled environment, this would not be a concern.

       The following are (non-conclusive) lists of snub-nosed dogs and cats:

Examples of Snub-Nosed Dogs:

American Bulldog, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier. Boston Terrier, Boxer, Brussels Griffin, Bulldog, Chinese Pug, Chow Chow, Dutch Pug. English Bulldog, English Toy Spaniel, French Bulldog, Lhasa Apso, Japanese Boxer, Japanese Pug, Japanese Spaniel (Chin), Mastiff (all).  Pekinese, Pit Bull, Pug, Shar Pei, Shih Tzu, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Tibetian Spaniel

  Ground Transport for snub-nosed dog

Examples of Snub-Nosed Cats:

Burmese,Exotic,Hilalayan,PersianGround Transport for snub-nosed cat

Additionally, many airlines refuse to allow reptiles, amphibians and fish as carry-on or checked baggage.  The following list of pets (as well as others not listed) are required to be shipped as “air cargo,” only.

Pets Shipped as  “Air Cargo”:

Caiman, Chameleons, Frogs, Geckos, Iguanas, Lizards, Newts, Salamanders, Toads

Comfort-Carriers gives your pet loving, personal service. From door-to-door, coast-to-coast across the Continental United States. We have no breed or species limitations.  We make the travel experience  comfortable and enjoyable.  As we would expect for our own pets in the care of a professional. 


      When considering price to transport your pets, consider the following letter:

“I wish I had used Comfort Carriers when I was transporting two rescue cats from Brooklyn, NY to Wichita, KS. I ended up having the cats flown from Long Island, NY to Omaha, NE. Unfortunately, airlines who transport pets fly only to a select few airports. The flight cost nearly $1,000 for the two cats. And I still had to rent a van to drive up to Omaha from Wichita and get a hotel room for the night (the cats landed in Omaha around 2 am). They had not been given any food or water for many hours and had not been given access to a litter box.

The poor cats arrived so stressed out that I would never put another animal through that again. The animals lovers at Comfort Carriers, no doubt, would have provided a much more pleasant experience for my new feline friends (at a cost no more than airline transport!) They will be my first choice for my next pet transport!”

~ Jen L.


Comfort Carriers’ professional ground transport of your pet is sometimes more costly than airlines. Yet in many cases it is quite comparable.

Take into account time off from work and other expenses incurred to meet airline schedules or large corporate transport companies. They often including boarding your pet until it is convenient for these “service” professionals to transport your pet. All according to THEIR timeline, instead of yours. 

Keep in mind that you are hiring professionals to provide 24/7 personalized care to your pet.  Pets are never kept confined to a hot or cold, dark or artificially lit place where no food is given, no litter box or opportunity for a potty break, or left unattended with no human contact. 

We are there for your pet to ensure their safety and to help ease the stress of being away from their family while they travel, and to ease your stress during the entire process!

Why Ground Transport?

Consider the inherent dangers, excessive noise, unfamiliarity and impersonal treatment of an airline who does animal shipping and your pet is likely to become extremely stressed.  The airlines profess the safety and extreme care given to pets on their planes, with the number of deaths, injuries and lost animals reported each month by the airlines as “not high“.

In conclusion, statistics do not really matter when it is the life of YOUR beloved pet that you are considering.


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