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Baby Chubby - French Bulldog - Pennsylvania to Georgia

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Quality Care, Competitive Rates


When making the choice of how to
send your pet
to a new destination, choosing an experienced, reliable, professional

pet ground transport service
is the safest alternative.

Oliver - cat transport with Comfort Carriers

Providing safe ground pet transport is our #1 priority.


Comfort Carriers provides:

~ Coast-to-coast, door-to-door pet moving service

~ Non-Smoking drivers in our vehicles

~ "Group" transport (shared ride with other families' pets)
~ "Private" transport (your family, only)

~ Fresh bottled water available at all times to all pets

~ Personal kennel fans available for added air circulation
~ Dogs are walked/exercised every 3 hours

~ Litter boxes in each cat's travel kennel, cleaned twice daily

~ Pet transport across the continental U.S., including the upper northern states during winter months 

~ Safe, personalized ground transportation services for domestic pets of all sizes

~ Fully climate-controlled (A/C and Heat) passenger vans, as pictured on this website

~ Clean, sanitized, "airy" travel kennels, appropriate size for your pet

~ Pets fed on their regular feeding schedule, or "free feeding" if desired, using your pet's regular food

~ Pets sleep with their driver in a motel, never left alone in a vehicle overnight

~ Several snacks throughout the day
~ Reliable schedules:  With rare exception, when we say we'll be there - we WILL be!

~ Expedited service:  Most transports are completed within 5 days

We travel through all of the contiguous states, year-round, including the northern states in the winter. Although we are providing an expedited pet ground transport service to get your pet safely from the pick-up location to the final destination, everything we do is for the safety, comfort, health and happiness of your pet.  While we make every effort to be prompt, there are times the pickup or delivery of your pet may be delayed due to traffic or weather conditions - but we will always stay in contact with you to keep you updated of any changes. 

Comfort Carriers understands that your pets are valuable members of your family and you will accept nothing less than the very best care for them. When planning a major move anywhere in the Continental United States - interstate, intrastate or coast-to-coast - let us help ease your family's stress by moving your pets using our personalized pet ground transport service, where your pet's safety is always our #1 priority.

does not use 3rd party shippers to transport your pet - all of our drivers are family, or well-known life-long friendswhom we have personally screened and trained to transport your pet in the safest manner possible! Most other transport companies outsource transports to drivers in locations across the country, with not much more than a driver's license required to qualify for the job.  Be sure you are entrusting your precious family members to someone who has a vested interest in your pet's safety, comfort, happiness and health ... not just their next paycheck!

The trauma and danger to pets flown on airlines is well-documented by the monthly reports the USDA requires from each airline that flies pets.  By eliminating the dangers, noise, discomfort, confusion and unfamiliarity your pet would encounter in the cargo hold of an airplane, your pet's travel experience will be much safer and less traumatic for everyone, ensuring the smoothest possible transition into your new home.  Your pet will receive V.I.P. treatment from the moment we arrive at your door for pick-up until the moment we return them to your care.  We treat them like members of our own family, catering to their needs and assuring they have a safe and comfortable trip.  We actually make this an adventure for your pet - new smells for your dog, new places for your cat to see through the windows (the vehicles shown here on our website).  While large companies often transport 30 or more animals at a time, we prefer to remain smaller so our precious cargo will still receive the personalized care you want - and they deserve - during transport. 

We will never compromise your pet's safety!

Pet Transport Service from Indiana to Washington

  To request a personalized quote for your pet's transport, please complete our 
quote request form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!  

Mapping programs must be initialized and other factors considered 
in your pet's transport, therefore ALL quotes are sent via email.  

Due to the nature of the pet transport business, we are unable to provide blanket prices on the website.  Each transport is planned according to the individual family's needs, so we provide an accurate quote to our customers instead of having last-minute surprises and additional costs added upon delivery of our passengers.  Most other companies will add on unexpected costs after your pet's transport has began. 

Also, because we are a small, family-owned/family-operated company and not a large corporate franchise, we do not have someone sitting behind a desk at all times to take phone calls.  If available, we gladly accept phone calls and we do speak to several people each day regarding their pets' upcoming transports.  Initial contact (for a quote) via email is preferred, since our quote letter contains a large amount of detailed information, but we understand the need for the personal touch and have no problems speaking to potential customers! Please understand if we are driving in an area with no phone reception or are tending to other customers' pets, etc. it will be necessary for you to leave a message so we can return your phone call.  


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