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Comfort Carriers not only cares about your pet’s happiness, we care about yours as well. 

During the time we are providing pet transport services, we have contact available.  We understand you may be concerned with how the trip is going.  When your pet’s driver arrives, you will be given your driver’s cell phone number.  While we would ask that you not make excessive calls so our driver is able to focus more attention on your pet, we are always glad to hear from you to update you on your pet’s well-being.  We also contact you each evening to let you know how your pet’s day has been.

Follow us on Twitter   for more general daily trip progress, and on Facebook  where we upload trip photos!

Due to the nature of the pet transport business, we are unable to provide general prices on the website. 

Each transport is planned according to the individual family’s needs, so we provide an accurate quote to our customers instead of having last-minute surprises and additional costs added upon delivery of our passengers.  Most other companies will add on unexpected costs after your pet’s transport has began.

Also, because we are a small, family-owned/family-operated company and not a large corporate franchise, we do not have someone sitting behind a desk at all times to take phone calls.  If available, we gladly accept phone calls and speak to several people every day regarding their pets’ upcoming transports.

Initial contact (for a quote) via email is preferred, since our quote letter contains a large amount of detailed information.

However, we understand the need for the personal touch and have no problems speaking to potential customers! Please understand if we are driving in an area with no phone reception or are tending to animals, etc. it will be necessary for you to leave a message so we can return your phone call.

While we make every attempt to answer your call, please understand that when we are not transporting pets, our home is our office and we may be feeding, bathing, or playing with animals at the time of your call.  We promise there is contact available and we will return your call as quickly as possible!

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For a quote for pet transportation by ground, please fill out our Quote Request form or contact us at:

Please note: 

Mapping programs must be initialized and we cannot just name a blanket price – we will provide an accurate and complete quote by email, ONLY



AFTER you have received a quote, we make contact available for any additional questions, you may call us at: 


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