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News: The Beagle Freedom Project


News: Actor Corey Feldman assists the Beagle Freedom Project

Great news for Comfort Carriers!   We recently had the opportunity to assist with the rescue of 10 Beagles from a research lab in the midwest.

Approximately 70,000 beagles are used in lab tests.  Beagles are used because they are docile, friendly, loving and forgiving.  BFP advocates for animals to be released for adoption after the labs are finished with them.  Historically, the animals are killed once they have served their purpose.

The pups rescued from the midwest are some of the lucky ones.

These beagles were delivered into the loving hands of many in Studio City, CA, courtesy of The Beagle Freedom Project.

It was a heartbreaking, heartwarming, educational and challenging experience. Ten times over we fell in love with these sweet pups. Ten times over, our hearts were broken. Imagining the lives they lived prior to their release was too much.


Comfort-Carriers logo <— Click on the icon to see the news article featuring Comfort-Carriers in Bone Up! digital magazine’s first issue, November 2012.

A note from Alyson Muse, Editor of Bone Up! magazine:

Hi pet rescue friends,

After months of hard work, we’ve just launched Animal Rescue U.S.A.!  While the website is going to be constantly growing, we started the site, Facebook page and digital magazine – Bone Up! magazine – so we can get information out about rescuers like us and most importantly, help fund individual rescue efforts.  We think that’s a void that needs to be filled.

Please consider joining Animal Rescue U.S.A. and with that getting a yearly subscription to Bone Up! magazine for just $19.95.  Bone Up! magazine is DIGITAL and the October/November issue is available immediately to view online or on your mobile device. Please click link to join Animal Rescue USA today –

Your membership and subscription will help fund rescue efforts that we are involved in daily.


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