No puppy transport!

No Puppy Transport?

Why won’t you do puppy transport? I researched the breeder!

We know it’s kind of crazy to turn away business, but we feel it is best to abstain from making it easier for breeders who run puppy mills to profit off of the lives of the innocent puppies and adult dogs they are, literally, torturing. We have been assured, time and again, by customers who have purchased a puppy and “this breeder is great! The puppies live inside the house, they only have one litter a year!” and every other imaginable story under the sun that we all want to hear and believe to justify purchasing a puppy.

Unfortunately, when we arrive for pickup we usually see (or hear) kennels in the back of the house which contain a lot more puppies than the breeder is claiming on their website or the ad they ran. They typically try to keep us distracted so we can’t see the deplorable conditions in which these pups are living. They don’t want us to see (and share) what we learn there.

One breeder proudly boasted about his kennels and invited me back into the area for a quick tour.

While most of the cages were clean, the conditions were horrible. Each mama dog and her entire litter lived in an area that was really just a little bigger than would have been the appropriate size for a transport. What that translates to is that there were about 6″ extra in each kennel. And then add puppies. There was a door that No Puppy transportlet each mama out, as the breeder saw fit to open it, so these mamas and their puppies were all confined to their tiny little cages until the breeder decided it was time for them to go outside for a few moments.

During my brief visit, I counted approximately 20 different mama dogs of various breeds. TWENTY!! How does any human being take care of 20 adult dogs AND all of their puppies?? ¬†They DON’T!!

Adopt! Don’t shop!!!!


No Puppy Transport