Potty Stops

Comfort-Carriers believes making time for potty stops on a dog transport is vital.

We build our dog transport trips with potty stops figured into the schedule.  We give our canine passengers plenty of opportunities to “take care of business” each day while they travel with us.

I received a phone call from a potential customer who told me that she is very nervous about using a pet transport company.  Hers was not just the usual “I’ve never dealt with a dog transport company” nerves. In her case it was because last time she did, it had a very unpleasant outcome for her dog.

After 6 days on the road, when she received her dog on the other end of the trip with the other company, he was completely covered in his own filth. She asked the driver about it and she was informed that “the company doesn’t let them get the dogs out once they’re in their kennel because they might escape.”

SERIOUSLY???!!! This dog (and how many others??) had been stuck in a box and not allowed out for 6 full days????? How inhumane can they possibly get??!! Insane!!!

Of the hundreds of animals we’ve transported over the years ONE has stayed in her kennel for 4 full days. Why? Because she threatened her driver at EVERY stop, and we don’t do dog bites! She finally calmed down the day before her delivery, but we were willing to forgive and forget, since she decided to play nice.  She made every remaining potty stop like all of the other dogs: every 3 hours, and she and her kennel were cleaned up and all was well. (The photo on this page is her on day 5!)  Even the research lab pups we’ve transported get the OPPORTUNITY to get out and move around.  At a bare minimum, their kennel lining gets changed regularly so they aren’t sleeping in their own filth.

Dog Transport Potty Stop

I am appalled any dog transport company could consider themselves legitimate by treating animals in such a way!

Potty Stops should be a major point of consideration for your pet’s transport.

Comfort Carriers stops every three (3) hours for dogs to try to potty. If they do not need to potty at that time, they at least get to walk around a little bit and stretch their legs. They enjoy some human interaction and their driver has the opportunity to be sure they are still 100% healthy. The companies who give potty stops any less often are, plain and simply, being neglectful. Should a pet feel ill or injure themselves somehow, waiting six or more hours to check on them is not acceptable.