Summer Heat Embargo on Airlines

Summer Heat is here!

Things have gotten crazy-busy here at Comfort-Carriers! With the early Spring weather we’re experiencing – including heat – the airlines have begun their pet embargo! This is bad news to you, the customer. Even though you carefully planned your summer vacation or cross-country move. You arranged transportation for your pets, months in advance. Then when you show up to the airport, your pet will be denied the “privilege” of boarding that plane, even though you bought his ticket 3 months ago!! NOW what to do???

First, I am not going to say, “I told you so”!

… even though I did! 😉

Second, get on the phone with a friend. As sweetly as you can, ask them to take care of your baby for a few days or maybe weeks until we can get him transported for you.

Third, shoot us an email! We are booked pretty solid for the next couple of months, as far as group transports go. Private transport may be an option for you to consider – albeit it an expensive one! (I will always be honest with you – private transport IS expensive!!)

You may not REQUIRE it, but when it is an emergency/last minute situation and we don’t have the time to organize other families’ pets in the same trip – when we commit to taking ONLY your pet cross-country, we are unfortunately going to have to require you to carry the full expense. Aside from vehicle maintenance, fuel, tolls, insurance, motels … you also have to consider that when we are committed to ONE family, it monopolizes your driver and the vehicle, limiting our ability to transport for other families for the duration of your pet’s trip.

That being said … try to be proactive in your pet’s travel! If you insist on flying your pet, be sure to pay attention to their CURRENT embargo status. Stay up to the MINUTE you are to board the plane! No one likes last minute changes to travel plans, and your pet needs to feel secure in his travel, as well. Ground transport can definitely be more costly, financially. Yet when it comes to peace of mind and making SURE your pet will get there safely, comfortably, and healthy, it might best serve you and your family to plan – from the beginning – to transport your pet via Comfort-Carriers GROUND transport services!