Private Transport

We offer two types of transport for your pet:  Private transport and Group transport


Private transport: Only your pet


Private pet transport consists of ONLY your family’s pet(s).  Pets from other families are not allowed in the vehicle while your pet travels with us.  With Private Transport we can guarantee pickup and delivery dates and times according to your schedule, barring unforeseen weather or traffic conditions. Private transport is recommended for very high-strung pets who do not socialize well, need one-on-one attention (disabilites or medical issues), or do not typically travel well.  Many pets are simply more happy when there are not other animals around.  

Private transport is also the preferred method of travel for families with a large number of pets.  Most of our celebrity clients prefer private transport.  For this premium pet transport service, there is no upcharge for moving multiple pets in your family.  When you choose Private transport for your pet(s), we can more accurately guarantee pickup and delivery dates and times.  Our only consideration during this transport is YOUR pet(s)! 

If the move date for your pet is extremely time-sensitive, private transport may be necessary to ensure we can pick up and deliver your pet exactly when you need us to do so.  Private pet transport is more expensive, since no other families share in expenses.  No rescue rates are available for private pet transport.

**Service to and from airports is only available with private transport.  Airport service may involve time waiting on delayed flights, as well as claiming your pet.  We cannot keep our other valued customers’ pets waiting indefinitely while we wait to get your pet on board.**

Your pet always receives the same great level of care and service, regardless of whether you choose Private or Group pet transport.

Chihuahua transport from MA to AZ - private transport

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Comfort-Carriers offers discounts for rescue animals and adoptions,  as well as for military and public safety personnel.

To request your no-obligation quote, please complete the quote request form.  All quotes are sent via email, only! 

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