Livestock Transport

Unfortunately we are not equipped to do livestock transport – just small household pets.

At least once a month we receive a quote request from someone who needs livestock transported.  Goats, sheep, geese, ducks, chickens, pigs, horses, etc. are all considered to be livestock. While we understand that they may be your pets, they are considered “livestock” and we do not do livestock transport.

The vehicles pictured in the website banner, above, are the types of vehicles we use for transport. We are not equipped for livestock transport and we simply cannot help!

No livestock transport





We will gladly help you locate options to have your livestock transported. We would suggest you start with your local stockyards, if applicable. A search on the internet will turn up countless options, as well. As with any service provider you will find online, we recommend you check references.  Be sure to compare services offered by the individuals or companies you may contract for hire.  As with the pet transport business, there are undoubtedly individuals and companies who will fail to meet your expectations. There are companies that offer climate controlled livestock trailers, as well.  Check references. Ask questions. Trust your instincts!

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