No Puppy Transport

Comfort Carriers no longer provides puppy transport for puppies purchased over the internet, nor will we contract for puppy transport with breeders.  We have encountered too many unethical breeders and sickly puppies and will not continue to provide this service.  

We strongly encourage you to ADOPT – either from your local animal shelter, or through a rescue organization. 

You have always thought Dobies, German Shepherds, Chihuahuas,(fill in the blank) are THE best dogs, and now you’re ready to buy a puppy!  Before you send any money to a breeder, please consider the following:

Boston Terrier puppy rescued from a puppy mill, traveling with Comfort-Carriers

  • There are literally thousands of dogs sitting in shelters all across the country due to no fault of their own, in need of a home.  Many of these dogs are pure bred!!  Before purchasing a puppy from a breeder, please look for a pup at your local shelter.  If you are unsuccessful and cannot find a source to help you locate the dog you’re looking for, please shoot us an email and maybe we can help!  We work with a large number of individuals associated with breed-specific rescue organizations across the country and we may be able to help you find the perfect match!!
  • In the United States, 5500 dogs are killed every day because shelters do not have room or funding to care for all of the dogs turned over to their “care”.  EVERY DAY!  Continued puppy purchases enable unscrupulous breeders to keep profiting from this business of making puppies, with only the benefit of making money off of the dogs’ lives. 
  • A very large majority of “reputable breeders” are running nothing less than puppy mills.  What do you really know about the person who placed the ad online, on Craigslist, etc.?  How sure are you that they are telling the truth about their pups?  Can you even be sure they’re not just a scammer who will take your money and then promptly disappear?

    Adult breeder from puppy mill

For moral and ethical reasons,
Comfort-Carriers will not  agree to do puppy transport from or for breeders.

Plain and simply … it is a moral decision we had to make. We cannot sleep at night knowing we have contributed to a puppy mill or unethical breeder’s ability to continue mistreating/abusing/neglecting animals.

Who are we to make such a stand? How dare we judge where someone does or does not get their pet? What an awful business-woman, to refuse service to any customer based on their choice of where they spend their money!  Please watch this video from Animal Planet … it explains things much better than our words ever could!

We have been assured time and again that the customer did their research and that “this breeder is not running a puppy mill!”  Only to arrive to pick up a puppy from worse than deplorable conditions.  In the many puppies we transported when we first began business, only TWO breeders were not running puppy mills.  (The photos on this page are all puppy mill puppies or adults rescued from puppy mills – unwittingly transported by Comfort-Carriers “in the early days.”)

We are committed to providing a superior level of care to our customers. Starting at a very basic level and making a general stand to stop shipping puppies from or for breeders.  We will no longer take the chance that we are making a contribution to enabling these unscrupulous people to profit by selling puppies.

(Please take a few minutes to learn about puppy mills and why we would make such a statement by clicking here.  Again – all photos on this page are of dogs rescued from puppy mills. Two are puppies, the others are adult “breeders”. Worn out and rescued, in lieu of being killed because they no longer served a purpose for their owners.)
Puppy Mill breeding dog - scared of human contactFemale Boston Terrier Breeding Dog Puppy Mill adult breeding dog - brave enough to walk in grass

And as always … please …

It is a moral and ethical decision we had to make – it is real – not an imagined problem!

Humane Society press release: 100 Horrible Puppy Mills

(Yes, we’ve been contacted to transport puppies from several of these – as well as SO many others – and we turned them down!)German Shepherd from puppy mill

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For a  new pet purchase, we will not send a quote without breeder name, phone number, address and website.

(Many factors go into calculations, therefore
all quotes are given via email).

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