Rescue Requirements

Requirements for Rescue Pets

Rescue cat from Florida to Colorado






By definition, a rescue pet is a pet that is rescued from possible euthanasia (being killed) after being found as a stray or a dog that has been saved from an abusive or neglectful home by an animal rescue organization such as the ASPCA.


A former rescue pet is no longer in danger.  A beloved family pet who was rescued months or years ago no longer qualifies for the reduced rescue rate, as that pet is no longer in danger of being euthanized.  Please understand that we simply must reserve this special rate for those pets who are truly in danger.

We have transported many rescue pets over the years and LOVE doing it! Sometimes a rescue pet’s first real contact with a loving human is when he is picked up by his transport driver.  Earning the trust and friendship of these babies is an honor and a privilege!!

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However, for the health and safety of every pet we transport, as well as to comply with the law, the following requirements must be met before we pickup your newly rescued pet for transport.

  • Health Certificate (no more than 10 days prior to their pickup date).
  •  Copy of current Rabies Certificate.
  • Puppies must be at least 10 weeks of age.

  • All pets must be clean and treated for flea/tick prevention (no flea collars).

  • Rescue pets must be wormed prior to transport.

  • The state of Maine requires Leptospira Bacterin vaccine (DA2PPVL; aka 7-way shot) for pets being delivered into the state.
  • All pets MUST have completed a 2-week quarantine prior to pickup.  Quarantine may be completed at a kennel, foster home or boarding facility, but this is not an option!
  • Paperwork provided by Comfort-Carriers (Contract, Emergency Authorization Form).

Failure to provide proof that these requirements have been met will result in your pet’s transport being cancelled when we arrive for pickup, with no option for refund.

Puppy rescue from San Antonio, TX to Manhattan, NY - rescue pets

Additional items we prefer to be sent with your rescue pets, but that are not mandatory:
  • Well-fitted collar (No vanity or slip-collars).  If none is available, please let us know ahead of time. We will ensure we have enough extra with us at the onset of the trip.  We can provide proper collar for the course of your new pet’s travel.
  • A sufficient supply of food for your pet’s transport.  We will feed your new pet on the schedule you specify, or we will give your new pet 24/7 access to food, depending on your specifications.  If travel is during a period of inclement weather, travel time may be delayed a day or two. Please be sure to include extra food “just in case.”  If the person sending your pet is unable to provide food for travel, additional cost may be incurred to cover feeding expense.

To request a quote for your rescue pet’s transport, please complete our quote request form or email us the following information at:

Age and Breed of all pets needing transport.

Pickup city AND state.

Delivery city AND state.

Date range for transport (earliest and latest possible).

If you prefer group or private transport.

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