Customer Testimonials

We hope you will enjoy reading customer testimonials from families for whom
we have provided pet ground transport services: 


BellabooI just want to thank Lori at Comfort Carriers for bringing my girl Bellaboo to me here in CA and for taking such good care of her during the trip.    From  the moment I spoke to Lori about arranging the transport she made me feel at ease about my Bellaboos safety and well being.  Lori informed me the moment she picked my girl up in TX and sent me pictures and texted me updates on their daily travels.  When it comes to transporting pets Comfort Carriers is the best there is!   They treat all the animals as if they were one of their own and I would recommend them to anyone who needs their pet transported.  You are the best!!  Thank you so much!!

~ Carolyn L

Tim the cat - testimonials

“I cannot thank Lori enough for her loving and wonderful care of my pet cat Tim during his transport from LaGrange, TX to his new home in Ojo Caliente, NM.

 I highly recommend this service to anyone that is stressed about transporting pets across state lines.

Bruce C. Duval”

Dog Ground Transport testimonialsWe utilized Comfort-Carriers to recently transport 2 of our dogsfrom Utah to Texas.
I had called several (no kidding) other companies and no one returned my call. We were beginning to get frantic and then we found Lori at Comfort-Carriers! From the start the process and customer service beat our expectations. We were in the process
of selling a home in Utah and building in TX. Lori picked our pups up from where we were boarding them and delivered them to the new facility in Texas. Lori completely understood all of the moving parts in our lives and made the transportation of the pups seamless and worry free. Lori even gave us daily updates and pictures so we could see how they were doing on their journey. I would highly recommend Comfort-Carriers to anyone transporting their pets in the US!!! They are by far the best domestic ground transport service we have used (two prior moves as experience).
~ Jimmie O.

Great Dane - testimonials






Comfort Carriers, just wanted to send you a before and after picture of Roman and how much he’s grown since you brought him to us in CA. From 13 lbs to 100-ish lbs, today at 9 months, he’s still as adorable and lovable as the day we received him.  Thank you for delivering Roman to us safely!
~ Carrie Marie

Poquito - testimonials


I am so grateful for Comfort-Carriers! From the very beginning of our contact with the company, everything went smoothly.  

Lori helped us transport our cat, Poquito, 3000 miles, and when I first met her to hand him off for the trip, I felt like giving her a hug. She had wonderful energy, and was very conscientious to keep the truck area quiet and peaceful, so as not to disturb the other animals while we loaded Poquito.

She also gave daily updates with photos and/or a call to let us know how he was doing. I felt that Poquito was treated with the very best of care by a truly caring individual, and I would recommend her and the entire team at Comfort-Carriers. Thank you all so much for extending your love to our family.

Sincerely, Amanda and Sang

Mable - OR to PA - testimonials











Just got my dog from Lori yesterday! I would recommend her to anyone thinking of transporting their pet, such great communication also, via email and phone calls.. to give an update on pet. Thank you so much Lori & Crew  🙂

~ Derek V.

Shasta from TX to OR - testimonials
I would like you to know how very pleased we are for the transport service from Lori and COMFORT CARRIERS.  We recently had to get our son’s 2 year old Great Pyrenees from Texas back to Oregon.  
Our son adopted his 1 year old dog from another family, but after 4 months, he had to move from Oregon to Texas.  His dog had a terrible time adjusting to the climate.  Not wanting to rehome his dog again, we decided our ‘granddoggy’  would come back to us in Oregon.  
After doing research on transporting animals by air, specifically dogs and cats, we were not going to put this sweet, beautiful, dog through the trauma of what is entailed in getting ready,  getting to,  and getting through the airport system!   There had to be another alternative,  as we and our son could not do transport ourselves. 
Most fortunately,  I happened upon  ‘land transport’,  of which I wasn’t even aware of this tyype of business.   COMFORT CARRIERS was my choice after researching all other companies, and we couldn’t be happier.  Lori, from day one, was as sweet and kind as could be. 
Although we were anxious about going through the process,  Lori was so patient, informative, and consoling, and happens to be a great communicator, which is prime in any business.  She returned every phone call and email quickly. The process of transport was efficient and easy.  We felt our dog was going to be in good and loving hands from pickup to delivery.  She kept in touch every day and our dog was delivered on time after 5 days on the road, healthy and happy.   He was even ready to re-board the van again with Lori as she was leaving our home!  You can tell she LOVES her fur baby transports!  Lori even called the next day to be sure all was well with our ‘granddoggy’ back where he started!  Now that is a true, caring, professional! 
I admire Lori and COMFORT CARRIERS, and am so thankful there is truly another alternative to getting pets from point A to point B with as little trauma and complications as possible!

Thank you again Lori for your great service for us.  It has been a great pleasure to meet you.  Best wishes for your continued success.

Joyce S.

Chemo - from Kansas to Oregon - testimonials












I want to thank Comfort Carriers for taking such good care of Chemo. After the loss of my husband, Chemo was unsure of what was going on. I wasn’t able to give him what he needed and my sister in law said she would take him. Comfort Carriers not only transported Chemo from Kansas to Oregon but took the special care to insure that Chemo wasn’t stressed or unloved during his journey. I received a call daily as well as a picture to show his progress. If ever I would need this type of service again, in a heart beat I would ask Comfort Carriers to take our furry family member. Thank you again for your patience and time with Chemo.


Susan Sutton

Kitty Brothers - testimonials







Dear Comfort Carriers,
the two boys Joshua and Jonathan are loving life, playing catch with their kibble and chilling out. They are marvelous! Thank you for bring them to me.
Sincerely yours,

Kiera - testimonials

Miley and Liley - testimonials

I was going to contact you to tell you that I greatly appreciated you taking such great care my girls.  They actually enjoyed the time they spent with you and they were not stressed at all when they arrived. They are enjoying there new home (see attached picture).  I have been telling everyone about the wonderful service you provided. Thanks again!!!!

~ Donald

Layla - Boston Terrier - from Tucson, AZ to Charlotte, NC - testimonialsJake - Silky Terrier - AZ to NC - testimonials









We can’t recommend Comfort Carriers highly enough!! She did an amazing job!
Our dogs are older and set in their ways and Lori handled them amazingly well.
Everything she promised to do, she did and they arrived safe and sound! If you’re moving this is the company to use to move your pets.

~ Jim and Diane Steffey
Winston - AZ to NC - testimonials


Sophie - AZ to NC - testimonials

Sorry this email is so delayed, but I still wanted to send you a thank you.  from KS to CA - testimonialsWe really appreciate you taking such good care of our three cats during the move from Kansas to California.  The nightly updates via phone and pictures when Wi-Fi allowed.  It kept our minds at peace during the move. 
I was even more surprised when our easily stressed out cat (Madison) arrived to our new home without any bald spots likely she normally does when we go on vacation.  That alone shows us how much you cared for them.
Thanks again,

Jackie and Erik S

Olde English Bulldog transported - testimonials







Comfort Carriers drove Lobo from Illinois to Idaho and back. When Chasity came to pick him up in Idaho he jumped right into the van. On both trips I was sent photos and given a call every night. They always stayed on schedule, even during a winter storm!  I know when Lobo is with Comfort Carriers he is being taken care of just as I would take care of him. I recommend Comfort Carriers to anyone looking for a trustworthy animal-loving company to travel their pet.

~ Sam M.

Happy Easter Lori!

Chasity did a WONDERFUL job. I managed to persuade her to stay Keana safe at home - testimonialsa short while and share a light repast. We had lovely conversation.  And I was glad to learn more about the Beagle Freedom project.

Thank you for what you do.  As I mentioned to her, if EVER she or another one of your drivers is in my area, the welcome mat is out for you at my house!  The little rescue from Tampa, Keana, has settled in beautifully.  I am so happy to have her with my pack!  Thank YOU for helping me make the rescue happen. I  give your business top recommendations and high accolades. 

I would also add that you and your company were exceptionally attentive to my communications, yet you gave me space to explore my options. Chasity contacted me each and every night as she drove the 3000 miles between Florida and Washington State. And How Surprised I was to see her at my rural doorstep the very hour you had originally given me as her arrival! I highly recommend your transport service. I knew Keana was safe. I knew she was being well cared for.
100% Success!

Thank you again!

Sincerely, Heather deSaillan

Toby relaxes at home - testimonials

I want to say a big thank you to Lori and Chasity at Comfort Carriers. Our dog Toby had to be transferred across the country twice within a few months and we were so pleased with their service. Scheduling the pick ups and deliveries with Lori was very easy. We appreciated the fact that Toby would be transported as quickly as possible but also in comfort. He had plenty of room in the van and I am sure he appreciated the extra space and attention at night in the pet friendly hotels. We really enjoyed hearing updates and getting pictures of Toby along the way. We highly recommend Comfort Carriers pet transport services. Thank you!!

~ Natalie

Guinea Pig 1 - testimonialsWhat an experience.    Moving from 80 degrees and sunshine to 20 degrees and snow.     Guinea Pig from AZ to NY - testimonials

Tucson from AZ to NY - testimonials







Lori did such an amazing job with my 3 dogs and 2 guinea pigs. My fur-babies arrived safe and happy to New York and are acclimating well to the cold. I appreciate the daily calls and pictures of how everyone was doing. I would definitely use Comfort Carriers again. Thank you.

Sherman - from AZ to NY - testimonials
Amelia - rat terrier - AZ to NY - testimonials


Kristy –
5 pets
(Amelia, Sherman, Tucson, Connie and Roy) from Glendale, AZ to Scotia, NY


Keira the Pitbull - testimonials











I’m so happy to be home! It’s been two weeks and everything is going great! THANK YOU again to my new friend Lori at Comfort Carriers. She’s the nicest transportlady that drove me from Texas home to my family in Georgia. Miss Lori is the owner and she and her sister do the transports. The company is based out of Texas so mom Cheryl was thrilled to support a woman based business close to home. Mom Cheryl said she was amazing at communication and very patient with all her nitpicky questions. I say she gave me treats and brought me home. THANK YOU MISS LORI! – Keira the Pibble

Toby moves to Florida - testimonials


I apologize for the delay in writing my testimonial but it has been a crazy few months. I can’t thank you enough for the awesome care you gave to my fur baby during his travels from Texas to Florida.

I was nervous about handing Cody over to someone I had never met before, then the ice storm moved in when you were ready to pick him up and I was literally biting my fingernails but you handled that storm better than I could! Cody had a great time on his “road trip. I think he has seen more of the country than I have! I enjoyed the nightly calls updating me on the trip as well as the pics that you sent.

I would highly recommend you to anyone considering transporting their pet. Thanks again for the great care you took with my baby!


Chasity and Solomon - testimonialsHi, Lori!

I’m so sorry I haven’t sent you my testimonial like I had promised! Things have been so crazy lately, but Solomon is doing just absolutely perfect.

Once we got him inside, he insisted on laying on Will, and he refuses to leave his side. I guess I know who is the most loved in this house!

I have to admit though, that I was kind of anxious about him traveling such a long distance with strangers, though after getting some pictures, I learned that he had taken pretty well to Chasity, so she became a friend to him instead. He even slept in the bed with her, I was told, which is great because he’s usually so shy!

When Solomon finally arrived on our doorstep, he seemed confused at first. He most likely had been away from us for too long, but it only took a few seconds for him to crawl right up into Will’s lap, and I couldn’t keep myself from crying, as we had both missed him!

I can’t thank you and Chasity enough for taking care of my precious boy. I am so happy that he’s adjusted here as well. He’s even made friends with the cute pitbull puppy down the street.

Thanks again for being so wonderful! If I need to transport Solomon again, I certainly know who to trust, AND you’ll definitely be recommended to others 🙂

Here are some pictures of Solomon.  We spoiled him a little bit, and he even had a small photo-op with Chasity.


English Bulldog transport - testimonials
Hi Lori!
Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent job that you did transporting our dogs from New Jersey to California. Delila and Graham arrived home happy and stress free.  When we first met you, my husband and I could sense that the dogs identified you as an animal lover.  Your van was roomy and clean with no crowding of cages.   Daily communication and photos in the motel room at night were reassuring.  I have recomended your carrier service to our veterinarian.  It was pleasure doing business with you Lori.
Maggie Fair

Blue dog transport - testimonials
I want to begin by thanking Lori and Chasity for the awesome service that they provided. They made a big part of my transitioning out of the military so much easier. Needed to get my then 9-month Mixed German Shepherd named Blue home to Texas in June. I was retiring out of the Military but wouldn’t be leaving FT Bragg, until September so I had to figure out a way to get Blue home during the summer months. I tried several carriers but they were either way overpriced or did not seem reputable, or seemed not to care about my situation. After hearing all the horror stories about the airlines and ground transportation I was already very leery about trusting my puppy to just anyone.
I did a lot of looking around before I came upon Lori and Chasity (Comfort–Carriers). My first contact with Lori on the phone automatically put me at ease. She heard my concerns and she made sure that Blue did not have a very long trip home to Texas. Chasity was the young lady that came to pick up Blue and once I met her and we talked a little about the trip again, I was put at ease. The vehicle was very clean, with AC and was set up with enough space for Blue to be comfortable the whole trip and I have to admit Blue took to Chastity immediately. Chasity called me along the way to tell me how Blue was doing, she sent me pictures of her on the phone and we talked before she bedded down for the night, just to let me know how things went that day. And at no time did she seem like I was bothering her for calling as a matter of fact she encouraged me to call and check up; or she called me with an update.
When she arrived to my home in Texas my son and my parents met Blue on the other side and I was told that Blue still looked like the healthy energetic puppy I left Chasity with and I believe she only took 3 days. You ladies eased my mind when I was going through a lot and I will always Thank You for being very professional and caring throughout the whole process. I would recommend Comfort Carriers to any military personnel or civilian that may find they are wondering who to entrust their family friend with. I do truly appreciate all that you did for Blue.

Sandy dog transport - testimonials






Topsy dog transport - testimonials








We just wanted to say a big thank you to comfort carriers and Chastity for the transport of Topsy and Sandy. Chastity was amazing, the dogs loved her, she kept in touch the whole time and the dogs arrived happy and stress free. We would definitely use your service again if we have the need.

Thanks again


Micha - testimonials









Comfort Carriers is a great option if you don’t want to transport your pet companion on a plane.  I was hesitant in letting a complete stranger take my dog across the country, but Lori was my dog’s driver and she was perfect.  She understood my dog’s behavior and helped her get through the trip.  Additionally, Lori called me every night with updates and showed me pictures of my dog each day during the trip – which eased my anxieties.  Lori is very professional.  She listened to my concerns and addressed my questions promptly.  The entire process was easy.   She understands that pets are family, and treats them and their owners with respect and lots of love.

 –  Jasmine

Otis - cat transport - testimonials

Sami - cat transport - testimonials
When reviewing our options for relocating our beloved cats from PA to CO, we were impressed with the services described by Comfort Carriers on their web site.  We were even more impressed and comforted by our direct phone communications.  We looked at many different services for the relocation, but it
came down to the overall feeling we got from Comfort Carriers that they would be cared for and loved like their own.  We found that to be exactly how they do business.  We greatly appreciated the exceptional communication before, during and after the trip, as well as their attention to detail in making sure that everything went smoothly, including the medications and special accomodations that we asked for.  I would not hesitate to refer Comfort Carriers to all my friends and family!

Thanks again!
~ Tess

Samantha and Otis
PA to CO
Hello Chasity!
Thank you again for taking such great care of transporting Sami and Otis to our new home in CO.  They are doing just great.  Otis was hysterical when he came to bed the first night.  He laid beside me and kept grunting for me to continue rubbing his belly.  Each time I would stop, he’d grunt some more.  =)
They are both adapting to their new home very well.  And we are greatful to you for the care and love that you showed them both. We know that choosing your services was the very best decision we’ve made regarding the move.  They are happier and less stressed then we could have imagined.
Thank you again!
PS – I’d love to see any more photos that you have to share with us!

Followup email from Kathi (mom of Buddy, Geri, Ginger and Coco, below):


Hope all is well!  I found a new vet for Buddy, Coco, Ginger and Geri.  I told her about you and the trip.   She said she would love to have some business cards as she has no one to recommend.   I told her how Buddy didn’t need sedatives and how Geri made it fine even with her heart condition.  She couldn’t believe how reasonable your price was too for that long of a trip.  I told her how the dogs sleep with you in the hotels, not in cages.  Basically, I told her everything!!!

Also, since that trip, Buddy and Geri now travel with no issues!!  No crying, whining etc.  They now run to get in the truck and sit in he back all calm and quiet.  They NEVER did that!   I told the vet about it too.   Hello!!  MIRACLE!!!!!!!   I had to tell you that.  Thanks!!!!

Anyhow, if you can send me some business cards, I can take them to my vet.  Her name is Dr. ******** and she is at ******** ****** Animal Hospital,  **** ********* Blvd Drive W., *******, PA *****.   If you send them to her directly, just mention mine and Geri’s name, so she knows.   She did write down your company name.  But that is all she has.

Take care Lori!!!!  I still rave about you!  The kiddies say Hi!!!!

Thank you!!
Kathi Connors

Buddy relaxes in the motel - testimonials

I have never written a testimonial before, but I just have too when
Geri on a potty break during transport - testimonials it comes to Lori.  Lori is an amazing woman who not only took amazing care of my precious dogs, she also took care of me!!!!! I was a nervous wreck leaving my dogs to a “stranger”, but Lori has such a calmness about her that my dogs totally responded to.  Three of my dogs are twelve and one is eight.  One had special medicines to take for her heart.  So it was hard for me to watch them drive away.  Every single day Lori called me to reassure me the dogs were fine.  Plus lots of pictures too.  One of my dogs, Buddy, was supposed to be sedated for the trip and he did not need any sedatives at all during the whole trip.  It was a long week and I don’t know how she does it!  But the best part was when Lori pulled up to my parents house!!!  I was so       impressed, the dogs were so clean and relaxed.  When Lori went to leave, the dogs went right with her like they were going on another adventure with her!  Now that told me all I needed to know.  She Ginger at our evening party in the motel - testimonialsobviously treated them so well and they were just spoiled. I had to hold my dogs back when she left.  Lori is amazing and really has a gift for taking our babies and treating them like they were her own.  I would recommend Lori to anyone!!!! Lori, you are awesome!!!  Thank you for all you did for me and my babies!!!!!  We will never forget you!!
Coco relaxin in the motel - testimonials
~ Kathi Connors



Thank you Chatty for a great job getting Gavin here!
You are wonderful and l appreciate all you did to
get him here and to his furever home!!!
highly recommended you to anyone!!!
~ Debra
Gavin and his new brother - testimonials


Actor Corey Feldman with the Beagle Freedom Project - testimonials

Comfort-Carriers walks the walk and lives up to its name!
Entrusting the care of several terrified dogs, who had
never been in a car, let alone a van, to a person we had
never met was scary, but Lori eased our nerves the second
she picked up the dogs!

She kept us up-to-date on everything, sent us photos and
always answered the phone. Through snowstorm and all,
she arrived on time and safely with all of our dogs.
We at
Beagle Freedom Project highly recommend this company
for your animal transport needs!

(See the Beagle Freedom Project’s February 2013 Newsletter
mentioning Comfort-Carriers!)

Dog transport from Plano, TX to Church Falls, VA - then back again! - testimonials

I am THRILLED to be working with Lori and Comfort Carriers! ARME Beagle Freedom Project newsletter recommended Comfort Carriers and I contacted Lori  immediately. It has been smooth sailing ever since! You can count on a speedy quote, timely and thorough communication, plus genuine understanding of “pet parent” worries. She takes meticulous care to make sure your pets are indeed comfortable, keeps you informed, and arrives on schedule. This is our second trip, and that speaks volumes to her dependability and our trust in her service.

Thanks again,
MCM & Honey

Rescue dog transported by Comfort-Carriers from CA to TX - testimonials

I absolutely recommend both Paul and Lori for transporting your furry babies!  They recently transported a rescue dog, Rusty, from California to Texas for me.  Rusty was a senior dog with multiple health problems.. He was high maintenance to say the least!  As a matter of fact, I did not even fully understand the condition he was in until he arrived at my home.  However, Paul and Lori gladly administered to Rusty all of his medications, took him for walks, and treated him as if he was their own.  They also sent multiple pictures and updates along the way.  When they felt that Rusty was growing excessively restless on the ride, they even dropped him off to me a day early.    I can tell from the pictures I received from them that Rusty especially loved going for walks with Paul.  Paul definitely demonstrated a lot of patience and love for my old boy.

~ Anna S.

I would highly recommend Comfort Carriers to anyone who needs to move their beloved pets! My  dog Jovi is generally a very scared boy due to previous abuse when he was young. The trauma of an airplane ride was not an option for us. Lori and Paul were amazing and provided me with nightly pictures and updates on the trip. I had no reason to even worry because their great care of my Jovi was evident when he arrived, he was so attached I think he wanted to stay on for more adventures. I can’t say enough how much I appreciated their service and skills especially with a very timid boy like Jovi. I will definitely use them again if I ever move or need to transport my pets!

Jovi moved from Georgia to Nebraska - testimonials







Thank you again for your great care of Jovi!!! I really recommend anyone to you if they need to transport their pets!

~ Virginia C.


Private Transport of 4 Feral Cats
from San Antonio, TX to Roseville, CA
2 feral cats transported from San Antonio, TX to Sacramento, CA - testimonials
Thank you again for taking care of my babies, Speckles, Smoke, Einstein and Feather.  And I especially have to thank you for having a talk with them while you were on the road!  These “feral” cats have been sleeping with us at night.  They are friendlier, and my “wild child”, Smoke, even comes up to us and lets us pet her!!!  I don’t know what you said to them, but you ROCK!!  🙂  It is so good to have them understand that we are not going to hurt them, but instead just want to love them.  So, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!feral cat transported from San Antonio, TX to Sacramento, CA - testimonials
Hope you are well and safe.  Have a great summer.  You are always in my heart and my thoughts.  If anyone needs help transporting pets – I’ll give them your number.
Thanks again.  Be well.

~ Shelley N.

feral cat transported from TX to CA - testimonials


Dog Transport Testimonial from Kristi:
PJ transported from Wisconsin to Washington

Mini Aussie dog pet transport from Wisconsin to Washington - testimonialsI am so pleased to have found Lori and Comfort Carriers. Two years ago we adopted a dog from out-of-state and he was delivered to our family via airplane. When my young son and I arrived at the airport, we found our beautiful new dog quivering uncontrollably in a urine soaked crate. It was heart wrenching to say the least. After that I promised myself that I would never allow another pet of ours to endure such a terrifying experience.

When we decided to add another dog to our family, I did extensive research trying to find someone who could safely transport her from Wisconsin to Washington state. I contacted several other pet transportation services, the majority of which seemed to consider pets as just another type of “cargo.” After reading Comfort Carrier’s policies and subsequently speaking with Lori, I felt confident that I had found the right company. Lori is highly organized and PJ’s pick-up went very smoothly.

Throughout the transport we received nightly phone calls from Lori detailing the day’s travels with PJ. Needless, to say our new family member arrived safe, healthy and extremely happy. In fact, PJ tried to jump back into the van when Lori was departing…she looked so forlorn as Lori drove away. I think that PJ fancied Lori and herself as this decade’s Thelma and Louise ; ) We cannot thank Lori enough for the wonderful care that she provided to our sweet little Aussie. I know that we will always use Comfort Carriers for our future pet transportation needs.

~ Kristi A.

A “video testimonial” from Tim and his dog, Cooper – transported from East Lyme, CT to San Jose, CA.

We love a happy reunion!!



Family of 13 Pets Transported from the California desert to Upstate New York:
Cat transport by ground with Comfort Carriers - testimonialsPet Transport Testimonial from Carol
I was attempting to begin our planning for our move from southern California to upstate NY when I couldn’t figure out how to get my most important cargo: Our nine cats & four dogs, safely to the east coast. I certainly couldn’t sell our house with that many animals greeting each prospective buyer as they entered our home!
One night, while suffering from insomnia, with too many concerns running through my mind, I fortunately came upon the “Comfort-Carriers” website! I read all of the testimonials and began contacting the owner, Lori. She contacted me quickly and answered my many questions. We contacted each other frequently and she responded to every e-mail and every phone call, both promptly and professionally. Before I knew it, we had a date set! I was filled with enthusiasm and relief! Lori mailed me contracts and a complete checklist of everything I needed. Her personality was delightful in all of our conversations and e-mails.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever dog transport from California desert to Catskill Mountains, CA - testimonials


When she arrived from Texas to get all of my thirteen animals safely, ready to board her van, I thought I would be crying like a baby! I couldn’t fathom how I could relinquish all of my babies, even if it were only on a temporary basis! I am a huge animal lover and I just knew the day was going to be too much to handle emotionally!

Boy, was I wrong!! She was calm, loving and kind to each and every animal. Some people just have a gift, and it became so apparent to me that she was so gifted with animals and people. I gave her the nickname “Superwoman”, knowing full well that she was spending the next five days traveling over 2700 miles with my “brood”. As she departed my home I just knew they were in the best of hands. She contacted me each day and even sent me pictures via email and Facebook, further acknowledging my great decision to hire her!!

Kitties - testimonials
When she arrived in NY, my family was with me to help receive each animal from her van. I immediately hugged her!! They were all clean and well cared for! Needless to say, I was thrilled to have them “home”! She is just such a lovely person and words just can’t convey how much respect and love I have for her!! My family felt the same way! She is someone who when you first meet her, you just feel like you have known her for years! We sat around and laughed telling stories for awhile. She is certainly “one in a million” and I feel so blessed that I chose her to guard, love, feed and transport my babies!
When Lori walked out the front door, all of my dogs walked to the door to follow her. That spoke volumes to me about the love she shared with each and every one of them! I will be forever grateful!!!!
Carol McCausland

I depended on Comfort Carriers to get my dog Chief from Minnesota to Tennessee, and they did a great
job with him. They were able to get him home safe and sound. If you are moving and need someone
to ship your animal for you, Comfort Carriers are the people you need to call. You can even follow
them on Twitter to watch the progress of where they are and how close they are to their destination.
Corey Brewer
NBA player

Snub-nosed dog in motel while traveling with Comfort-Carriers - testimonials

Testimonial for Chief:
Private Dog Transport

I can’t possibly give a high enough recommendation to Comfort-Carriers.  I have a 9 year old dog who has been undergoing chemotherapy for months. Not only is he weakened by the virtual cornucopia of meds he ingests, but he is also easily stressed out.
When I relocated from CT to Los Angeles, I spent quite a while searching reviews for as many pet transport companies as I could find in order to find a company that I trusted to administer the correct medication and give my dog the extra attention he needed to reduce the stress of traveling with strangers.  Lori provided the service we needed! I called months ahead of time and due to the chemo treatment, had to change my pickup day about 10 times.  Lori worked with me every time and continued to follow up.  When we eventually found a date that would work, she showed up on time and ready to go!
As you can imagine, it took about a week to drive cross country.  Lori called me every night to assure me that my dog, Reggie was doing well and emailed me pictures.  They arrived in LA at the exact time she planned.  As if that wasn’t the best service already, the cherry on top was when she emailed me a few weeks after she dropped him off, “just to check up on Reggie”.  It’s more than obvious that Lori has a true love for animals and it shows in her work.  Thank you so much Lori!
~ Remy Bartolotta
Boxer dog transport from Connecticut to California by ground - testimonials

Pet Ground Transport Testimonial from Remy

we moved into our house yesterday and picked up our kiddo’s (from the kennel) later in the day.
tely happy to see them. have never been without them for so long. they seemed fine and
were fr
eshly washed. thank you so much for being so great. we were very happy with your
service. do not like the people at the boarding place. real jerks! their not so smart. they lost alot
of bus
iness from us. they could use your help when it comes to customer relations. we hope
you had fun wi
th your family on christmas and wish you a happy and healthy new year!!

 Gimli - toy poodle on pet transport with Comfort Carriers - testimonials

Take Care,
michael, kaan, eleanor, rose, toby & gimli

p.s. so happy to have my family under one roof! thanks again for everything!

Rose - Chihuahua transported by ground - testimonialsCody - Beagle in motel room while traveling with Comfort Carriers pet ground transport service - testimonials

Lori, was very good with Butters our new puppy. She delivered him on time and with no problems. I definitely recommend Lori for she takes care of the animals she is intrusted with.

Jesus M.

Border Collie dog shipped from Texas to California - testimonials
I was really stressing about shipping a dog to a friend in California. I had no idea where to begin! Lori made it incredibly easy! She showed up with the crate and the leash–I just needed to provide the dog and the necessary paperwork! It is obvious that she not only is very knowledgeable, but loves animals as well. I KNEW the dog would be safe in her care! Her daily email/phone call updates (and photos!) were very much appreciated! I can not recommend this shipper enough! THANK YOU!

Cynthia M.

Cross-country pet transport for dog:
Testimonial from Cynthia

I’m so glad I found Lori with Comfort-Carriers to ship my grandpuppy Abel back to his parents. I was very concerned about shipping him and did not want to fly him home by himself. She was very professional and took great care of him and got him home safe and sound. She kept in contact with us and sent pictures as they made the long trip home. I would definitely use her again!! I would recommend her to anyone that has an animal to be shipped. She is definitely an animal lover.

Brenda T.

Lori did a phenomenal job delivering my nephew’s dog Tifa. Tifa was abandoned as a puppy and left on our doorstep when she was 8 weeks, so this was the only home she knew. When my nephew moved back to CT from GA he wanted Tifa with him, so I set about to find a reputable carrier who would do more than just put the dog in a cage and bring her to CT.  Lori stops every three hours and walks the dogs, they sleep with her at the hotel (not left in a cage) makes sure they have toys and things that bring them comfort and mainly tries to give the pet a stress-free trip.  Tifa arrived happy and healthy.  In addition, Lori communicated with me and my nephew every step of the way so there were no surprises, questions or concerns.  I would highly recommend Comfort-Carriers to anyone who needs transport for their pet.
Donna Popp

Eros - German Shepherd dog transport by ground - testimonials

Lori with comfort carriers did an awesome job. We had a couple complications with the seller of the puppy and Lori worked with us through these issues before accepting the puppy of pickup, where she also called us at that time to discuss information and verify that we had no other concerns before she accepted the puppy. On the trip Lori called and let us how our puppy was doing, sent us pictures of the puppy and kept us up-to-date with delivery time.

A+ Highly recommended!!!

Daniel R.

German Shepherd dog transport:
Testimonial from Daniel

Show Guinea Pig pet transport by ground - testimonials

Great carrier! I’d use again any time. The guinea pigs arrived on time and in terrific shape. Thanks so much, Comfort Carriers!

Kay S.

Pet Transport Testimonial from Kay

Very professional and very pleasant to work with. The pickup and delivery was within the timeline agreed to and the piglets were well cared for. I strongly recommend her and will use her again if I need pets transported in the future.


Potbelly Piglets by ground transport - testimonials
Pet Transport by Ground:
Testimonial from Donna

Long Distance Pet Transport from Wyoming to Florida - testimonials

Sorry I’ve been a bit incommunicado…just lots going on!  The rumor is that my household stuff should arrive this coming Monday.  It’s been interesting cooking with one pan.

Mr. Elmo disappeared for 13 hours one day…scoping out the area I suppose.  He was a little depressed and anxious for a couple of days, but he seems to be getting used to it.  Mike was very confused for about four days…he hides in the closet when there’s thunder.  He seems to be getting used to morning and evening walks around the neigborhood and is more relaxed, but totally hates the storms.

We’re still doing the settling-in dance.  I am missing the “stillness” of Wyoming, but I am sure once things settle down…ALL things will also settle down.  Went to Sharky’s on the pier on Sunday (which is right next to the dog beach) and there was a huge rainbow and dolphins popping up all around the surf.  I love it!

If you are back down this way, you will have to come see me.  Thanks again for taking such wonderful care of the critters.

All the best to you!!!


Long distance dog transport by ground from Wyoming to Florida - testimonials
Coast-to-coast Dog and Cat Transport:
Testimonial from Jocelyn

Everyone is settling in just fine. As soon as Greg came and we brought familiar furniture they got back to their funny, rambuctious selves!

By the way, my website is http://www.raising-happy-kittens if you would like to give it a look!


 “I wish I had used Comfort Carriers when I was transporting two rescue cats from Brooklyn, NY to Wichita, KS. I ended up having the cats flown from Long Island, NY to Omaha, NE. Unfortunately, airlines who transport pets fly only to a select few airports. The flight cost nearly $1,000 for the two cats, and I still had to rent a van to drive up to Omaha from Wichita and get a hotel room for the night (the cats landed in Omaha around 2 am). They had not been given any food or water for many hours and had not been given access to a litter box. The poor cats arrived so stressed out that I would never put another animal through that again. The animals lovers at Comfort Carriers, no doubt, would have provided a much more pleasant experience for my new feline friends (at a cost no more than airline transport!) – they will be my first choice for my next pet transport!”  ~ Jen L.

“I highly recommend Comfort Carriers for your pet transportation! Such wonderful and caring people. I wouldn’t want anyone else to move my furry babies!”  ~ Cyndii C.

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