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When Shopping for Safe Pet Transport, Be Sure to Compare Pet Transport Companies.

We realize there are other companies you can hire for your pet ground transportation needs. Compare what they offer to what you want for your pet.  Some have been in business for years, while there are many new companies that have cropped up in the past few months. While prices vary greatly, please understand that level of safety, comfort, experience and level of care for your pet also vary. Some pet ground transport companies are purely profit-driven, and others truly care about the pets they transport. Many times, unsuspecting pet owners – plain and simply – get what they pay for.

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To give you an idea of the types of “service” many of the other pet transportation companies provide to their passengers and their families, we have created a chart for you to compare us to them. Be sure to clarify services provided by your pet ground transport company of choice before paying a service professional to transport your precious pet!



Us: We drive from sun-up to sun-down, stopping for safety and to rest at night.  We have found that there is much less chance of having to brake for wildlife in the roadways, and fewer human hazards like drunk drivers, if we follow this simple rule.

Them: Many companies stop for a couple hours’ rest every now and then, but drive around the clock. This may make a shorter trip for your pet, but at the risk of safety.


Us: Most transports are completed well under one week’s time – most within 5 days.

Them: Pets are often kept on the road for up to 2 weeks.


Us: We offer door-to-door pet transport services. We pick up and deliver to the addresses you specify, whether you are located in a remote country setting or a large city.  We specialize in safety and comfort for your pet and a large part of this involves causing as little disruption and additional stress in the lives of our passengers and their families during the move.

Them: Many require you to bring your pet to a larger city at a designated pickup location, then require you to pick up your pet after they deliver them to a different city than where your new home is located.  Moving across the country is difficult enough without having to bend over backwards for a pet transport “service professional” who cannot be bothered to come to your location to pick up your pet!


Us: Your pet will have the same driver from pickup to delivery, in the same vehicle, during the entire transport.  We make every effort to calm pets and earn their trust while they travel with us, making their transport much less stressful and confusing.

Them: One driver may pick up your pet and hand your pet to another driver after reaching a certain point in their travel. This can happen more than once during the course of your pet’s transport.
Pets don’t understand what is going on or where their families are
– having their care switched multiple times during their transport
can be very confusing and frightening!


Us: When a pet transport includes overnight stays in motels, your pet comes into the motel and stays in the motel bed with the driver
if your pet so chooses. We choose pet-friendly motels so your pets can stretch out and relax at night.

Them: We hear stories of pets left alone in vehicles overnight, drivers sleeping at dangerous road-side rest stops, etc.  during pet transport trips. While it may not seem important to know where the driver sleeps at night – it is! How do you trust someone to take care of your precious pet, if they’re not watching out for even their own safety?!


Us: Comfort-Carriers pet ground transport drivers stop every 3 hours for potty stops when we have dogs on board.  We schedule these breaks into our schedule and consider them just as important as actually picking up our passengers!

Them: Many pet transport companies wait 6 or more hours between potty stops, or simply don’t bother letting your pet out to potty.


Us: We provide bottled water to all pets, at all times.  Food is provided either according to your pet’s regular feeding schedule,
or is left available at all times during the transport.  Sometimes pets
are a little nervous and don’t care to eat on their usual schedule.
Once their nerves are settled and they become hungry enough, we want them to eat if they have skipped a meal – or several!

Them: Water is often provided only at potty stops – so pets are only allowed a drink of water every 6 (or more) hours. Food is typically offered only once a day, whether your pet chooses to eat at that time or not.


Us: Comfort-Carriers drivers carry cell phones, digital cameras and laptops. Families of pets are called each evening, and photos are
sent to families each evening. Families are provided their driver’s cell phone number so they can be reached at any time to check on the status of their pets. We also provide updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Them: Communication is often provided through a central dispatcher who is relaying second-hand information. Questions
may have to be answered hours later, and then wait for any follow-up information at a later time. Many times photos are provided after the completion of the  pet transport.


Us: We provide roomy travel kennels for our passengers. Each kennel is cleaned and sterilized between passengers, ensuring a clean, healthy travel environment.  You are encouraged to send your pet’s regular bedding, but your driver also carries plenty of clean linen-type bedding, should your pet spill water, etc.

Them: You are often required to purchase a travel crate,
whether you will ever use it again or not. This can cost you several extra hundred dollars on top of actual cost for pet transport.  Many companies use “bedding” for their passengers, including wood shavings, newspaper, and other uncomfortable throwaway fillers. These materials are inexpensive and absorbent, making those accidents from 6-hour intervals between potty stops easier to clean up (and hide)!


Us: We provide litter boxes in each “kitty condo” for kitties.
Because most cats are escape artists and we don’t want to lose them, we generally do not remove them from their condos at night.
Our kitty condos are spacious and include an area for their regular bedding, as well as their litter box and feeding dishes. When we compare our kitty accommodations to the others, ours win.  Hands down.

Them: Again, many companies provide a small crate with wood shavings, newspaper or other absorbent throwaway fillers for your cat’s needs during travel.  This alone can be distressing, as cats thrive on familiarity. They won’t know where they are supposed to do their “business,” since even their waste area does not smell even slightly familiar.


Us: Whether in a busy city, on a mountain top, or completely off the beaten path, Comfort-Carriers  provides door-to-door, coast-to-coast pet ground transport service throughout the continental United States.  If we can get there by van, we will transport your pet! We have many years of experience driving in the snow, ice and rain and while weather may occasionally slow us down, it rarely stops us.

Them: Most pet transport companies service only the east coast,
only the west coast, or only the southern states.  Sometimes they will make an exception (especially during the summer when the northern states don’t require them to drive more carefully) but at a significant price increase.


Us: In order to provide the highest level of care and service to our passengers and their families, Comfort-Carriers has a self-imposed limit on the number of pets we will accept for any given transport. In order to provide the attention and care your pet deserves, we do not accept large quantities of pets and turn away many requests for service each week.  The care we provide to your pet is second-to-none. We provide round-the-clock comfort and attention to your pet, instead of treating them like cargo.

Them: Most companies are purely profit-driven and transport anywhere from 30 to 100 pets at a time.  Prices for these companies are very low, and so is the service they offer your pet.  Do the math: How often do they say they are stopping for potty breaks?  How many pets are they transporting? How long will it take to get from Point A to Point B?  Does it add up, or is it impossible to make those stops?

When choosing vehicles for your pet’s travel needs, we gave very deliberate thought to their needs and how we could best provide for them.



Us: Our passengers share the same travel area with their driver, which allows the driver to ascertain needed adjustments in temperature throughout the duration of your pet’s transport. Our vehicles have multiple air vents that can be directed toward or away from your pet, as well as personal fans for our brachycephalic passengers who need the added air movement.

Them: Many other pet transport companies transport pets
in trailers or box vans. Some of these are converted to use a generator to cool or heat the space … but what happens if the generator fails?  How long until the next potty stop and the driver realizes there is a problem? With brachycephalic (snub-nosed) pets,
even one hour could be a death sentence. Compare safety of immediate environment.


Us: By not using box vans, trailers or other vehicles where our
passengers would ride completely separate from their driver,
we are able to listen to and see our passengers while they travel
with us– and our passengers are given the added comfort of being able to see and hear a human the entire time they travel with us.

Them: Pets usually ride in a separate compartment than their driver.
They cannot see or hear a human while they travel, and should a pet become distressed there is no one to hear their call for help should
they become ill or injure themselves in some way.


Us: As with people, our pets typically enjoy natural light to
help them stay on a normal schedule. This also more easily
allows your pet’s driver to keep an eye on your pet at all times. (Pets with the need for darkness are accommodated easily and are not subjected to unnecessary brightness).

Them: Most of our competitors’ vehicles are dark and allow little or no natural light into the travel area.  Your pet may not see sunlight for hours – or possibly days at a time.


Us: Woman-created, woman-owned business.   The owner does a large percentage of the driving, and any additional drivers are personally well-known by the owner.  Our drivers go through a stringent “test drive” with the owner on board, assuring they have the dedication we require to be a Comfort-Carriers pet transporter!

Them: Many are corporate-owned or sub-contracted
by a large corporation and 3rd party drivers are dispatched for your pet’s transport.   Do compare personal investment in successful transport.  Drivers/subcontractors are often hired simply
because they have a good driving record – but may have no previous experience with how to properly care for your pets during a transport.


Us: Comfort-Carriers’ drivers are dedicated to making SURE the transport of your pet goes as smoothly as possible. We work out the fine details of your pet’s trip before we head out on the road. You receive a specific day and time for pickup and delivery. Barring acts of God, weather or traffic delays, if we SAY we will be there … WE WILL BE!! When winter weather sets in, we may have to leave home a little earlier in order to keep YOUR schedule intact. However, it is worth it to us to help your life remain less chaotic. Moving cross-country is a very stressful time!

Them: Very few other companies work out their schedules in such detail as we do.  If you are fortunate, they will provide a day for pickup and delivery,  but not a specific time.  You may have to take an entire day off of work to wait for their arrival. If it is a larger corporation, they will give you a range of several DAYS for you to wait for their arrival.  In poor weather (ie., snow in the winter) many others “reserve the right” to cancel your pet’s transport indefinitely.  You may end up waiting an extra month – possibly being forced to board your pet until they reschedule the trip!


Please contact us with any additional questions you may have, or for a no-obligation quote for your pet’s transport!

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