How are Comfort-Carriers’ services better than other Pet Ground Transport Companies?

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Services offered to our passengers:

~ Safe, personalized ground transportation services to pets of all sizes

~ Fully climate-controlled vehicles (A/C and Heat)

~ Coast-to-coast, door-to-door pet moving service

~ Fresh bottled water available at all times to all pets

~ Several snacks throughout the day

~ Litter boxes in each cat’s travel kennel, cleaned twice daily

~ Dogs are walked/exercised every 3 hours

~ Pets sleep where their driver sleeps, never left alone in a vehicle overnight

~ Clean, sanitized wire travel kennels (for better ventilation/circulation) provided, appropriate size for your pet

~ Expedited service:  Most transports are completed within 5 days~ Personal kennel fans available for extra air circulation

~ Pets fed on regular schedule, or “free feeding” if desired, using your pet’s regular food to avoid upset tummies

~ Pet transport across the continental U.S., including the upper northern states during winter months

~ “Private” transport (one family, only) or “Group” transport (shared ride with other families)

~ Non-Smoking vehicles

~ Reliable schedules:  With rare exception, when we say we’ll be there – we WILL be!

Your pet’s safety, health and happiness are          always our #1 priority.

Our vehicles have a full array of windows. This allows daylight in so your pets are not kept in the dark the entire time they travel.  Your pet(s) can also see and be seen by their driver as they travel. This gives us the added assurance that we will immediately learn of any issues your pet may have while traveling. Again , we want to assure the safest possible transport for your pet(s). 

We ask you to send your pet’s regular bedding (for their comfort and less stress). However, we do carry plenty of extra bedding in case of a rescue pet needing bedding for travel, or should your pet have a water spill, etc.  (Click here for a comprehensive side-by-side comparison chart of other transport company services offered).

Throughout the course of each pet transport, every dog is exercised regularly.  Pets are brought into pet-friendly accommodations at night to share the driver’s room.  If your pet is accustomed to sleeping with someone at night, we strongly encourage your pet to do so while traveling with us.  We suggest that you send a favorite toy for play, as well as to comfort your pet with a familiar object.  We always offer plenty of petting, snuggling and conversation!

In the case of poor traffic conditions or inclement weather, we will never put your pet at risk. 

Your pet’s safety, comfort, health and happiness are very important to us and we take extra steps to help them relax and enjoy their trip, even when Mother Nature interferes!

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