Transport Requirements

How Much Does Pet Ground Transport Cost? What are the Transport Requirements?

In order to properly care for our pet passengers, certain transport requirements must be met.  To provide a clean, healthy environment we cannot make exceptions to those rules.

Personalized quotes are given to each of our customers according to their needs for their pets’ travel.  The amount we quote you is the amount you will be charged – PERIOD.  Unlike so many other pet transport companies, we will not require additional payment upon delivery of your pet. The amount we quote you is the amount you pay.  

Because of the many variables involved in calculating any pet ground transport rate, all quotes are given via email. Rates for pet transportation start at $250 and vary depending upon length of the transport, number of nights in motels, and whether your pet will take private or group transport service.  Unlike many other companies, we do not charge separate fees for toll fees, fuel surcharge, a per diem rate, size of your pet, administering medication, or other unexpected fees they may demand upon delivery of your pet.  The quote we give you to ship a pet is the rate you will be charged.  No last-minute charges added before we will release your pet to you!

Our rates include pet transportation in a climate-controlled vehicle (properly heated or cooled according to the needs of your pet), appropriate size travel kennel, fresh bottled water,  treats, kennel fan if needed, litter boxes for cats and regularly scheduled potty/exercise breaks for dogs.  For overnight travel during your pet’s transport, pets are never left unattended in vehicles while our driver sleeps in a motel – your pet sleeps where we sleep!  We always carry extra bedding in case of a rescue pet in need during travel, or for dry bedding should your pet spill water, etc.

Transport Requirements

Please familiarize yourself with
the following list of information
prior to your pet’s scheduled travel date.

~ Dogs must be housebroken and be able to walk on a leash.*

~ We require that you send a sufficient supply of your pet’s daily food to complete the transport.  During periods of inclement weather that may take extra time for safety purposes, be sure to include enough food to cover a day or two of extra travel time.  (We generally suggest a 5 lb. bag of dog or cat food.)

~ A copy of your pet’s current rabies certification must accompany your pet.*

~ Your pet must be clean and treated for fleas and ticks with veterinarian-approved medication.  (No flea collars).*

~ A valid HEALTH CERTIFICATE issued no sooner than 10 days before the scheduled delivery date must be obtained from your Veterinarian and travel with your pet.  USDA regulations require that all dogs and cats have this certificate, as do several states we may travel through (necessitating inspection at their borders).*

~ We also require that you complete an emergency medical authorization form for your pet.

While we take every measure to ensure the health and safety of your pet, should they become ill during transport and we are not able to reach you to make any emergency decisions, we will need the form to obtain assistance from a veterinarian.  We will make every effort to reach you first, but your pet’s well-being is our #1 priority!*

~ The USDA requires that all pets are transported in a kennel.  Your pet must have sufficient room to stand up, turn around and lie down in their natural position.  We provide kennels, but prior to sending your quote for pet transport services we will need to know the breed and size of your pet to ensure we have sufficient space available at the time you are requesting ground transportation for your pet(s).

To ensure the safety of our drivers, aggressive/non-socialized animals may not be accepted for transport.

Please let us know about any issues that may require special treatment prior to the date of your transport. We also value our driver’s safety and don’t want any last minute surprises necessitating a last minute cancellation.*

*Failure to meet any of these requirements will result in your pet’s transport being cancelled by the driver at the time of pickup, with no option for a refund.*

Because vehicle space is limited, prior approval must be given to send any additional items with your pet.  Please do not attempt to send large food containers, over-sized bedding, etc.

Remember that moving
expenses incurred due to a change in
employment – including the cost of moving pets –
are usually tax-deductible! 


Also, please understand that cost to ship pets by ground is sometimes more expensive than price to ship them as cargo on a plane!  The difference is service, safety and level of care.  On a plane, your pet is often denied food and water, litter box or potty breaks. No human contact, proper ventilation, and/or true climate control.  Pets are treated as cargo (imagine a suitcase or box marked “fragile” … arriving damaged or torn open). They often arrive at their destination covered in vomit, urine and/or feces. They suffer from extreme temperatures, and are extremely stressed – at best.  The trauma can be devastating.

There are other companies that offer pet shipping by ground. Again – please choose carefully.  Many of these companies offer substandard care to the animals they ship and pets arrive in poor condition.  We regularly hear stories of pets who were left in vehicles overnight or in extreme temperatures while the drivers enjoyed a meal at a restaurant.  We hear how they are transported in darkness, or artificial light, or unrestrained in the vehicle … and the list goes on.  If the price you are quoted is extremely low compared to other similar companies, please take the time to re-evaluate the situation.

Remember  you are hiring someone to provide care to your pet 24 hours a day.

Consider fuel costs, wear on a vehicle, motel cost (for your PET, as well as your driver), as well as a variety of other associated needs and expenses during the transport.  We are not the “cheapest” available, but we do guarantee the safest, best possible service to your pet while they are in our care!

We typically schedule several weeks in advance, so be sure to schedule your pet’s transport as early as possible.  A non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your pet’s reservation and pet transport services must be paid prior to pick-up.  We use PayPal for easy, safe and reliable payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

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Comfort-Carriers offers discounts for rescue animals and adoptions, as well as for military and public safety personnel with proper ID.


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