Pet Transport Company requires kennel

Will My Pet Have to Ride in a Kennel??

With Comfort-Carriers as your chosen pet transport company – ABSOLUTELY!!

With any reputable pet transport company, a kennel will be required. When your pet is riding in a vehicle with a stranger, the potential risk of your pet bolting at a gas station or other stop is HUGE!!

Imagine that you are already in your new home, 1500 miles away, and you get a call from the transporter.  “We had just stopped for the first potty stop of the day and Scruffy squeezed right out the door before I even stood up completely!”  Now what?  Fly 1500 miles to try to find Scruffy?  Hope the transporter is able to wait however many days it takes to find Scruffy?  And pray that Scruffy isn’t struck by a passing vehicle?  How about just plan on Scruffy riding in a kennel, in the first place?  It doesn’t absolutely guarantee that Scruffy won’t slip through the transporter’s hands, but it sure lessens the likelihood.

Safety, Safety, Safety!!

Additionally, the overall safety factor is a good reason to only use a pet transport company that uses kennels.  “But Scruffy has never ridden in a kennel and I don’t think he’d like it!”  “Scruffy is afraid of kennels!”  Tell that stuff to the hospital when you take a new baby home without a car seat.  Or the police when you are ticketed for not seat belting your child into the car.  We travel thousands of miles in a huge variety of traffic and weather situations.

Just like with a human child, your pet needs to be contained in a relatively small area.  Why? In order to remain safe should we need to brake suddenly in traffic or, heaven forbid, be involved in an accident.  Like a human, your pet could be thrown against (or through) the windshield.  The laws of physics do not care about what your pet likes or is afraid of!

Safety is ALWAYS our #1 concern!!

We have had MANY families proclaim their pets do not like kennels and would not get into one.  Yet it seems there is something about the allure of the adventure that has never caused us a problem!  They always go in.  Yes, occasionally it takes some coaxing, but they realize that the kennel is where they belong.  And they DO go in … and travel quite safely AND comfortably!



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