Abandoned Puppies on Roadside!?!!

Paid for Abandoned Puppies …

A pet rescue group’s worst nightmare came true when the company they trusted abandoned puppies on the side of the road. People often ask me why I am so particular about who I hire to transport animals. It just needs to be someone who loves animals and likes driving, right? What more could it possibly require?

Maybe the ability to remain calm in the face of any of about a million unforeseen possible situations. Sometimes involving either the pets on board, the transport vehicle, weather, etc.  Someone who doesn’t blink at cleaning up vomit, urine, poop (diarrhea). A person who will not lose their temper if a dog passenger likes to bark … a lot.  Or a cat who meows … a lot. Someone who is not too proud to admit to me that they are burning out, or just plain exhausted. A person who will ask for help, instead of always feeling like they have to have all of the answers, themselves.

Someone who won’t leave abandoned puppies when it gets messy.

Why don’t I just put an ad in the paper and skip to the training process?  Because an interview does not tell me the things I need to know about a person’s character.  Knowing the friends and family members who DO make it through the screening process as well as I do (yes, I have refused to hire life-long friends and family members!!) they STILL must go through a training period where they can be disqualified at any given step along the way.  Doesn’t that strain relationships?  Yes, it certainly can!  But for me, your pet’s safety is more important than anyone’s “feelings”.


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Happy Hounds Transport botches transport abandoning pups on the side of the road

An animal transport taking place over the weekend has gone terribly wrong.

SNARR Northeast contracted Happy Hounds Transport to move five pups over the weekend from West Virginia to New Jersey. While most transports are made by an army of volunteers, Happy Hounds Transport was being paid for this particular transport.

At some point after the transport had started, Happy Hounds Transport contacted SNARR Northeast and indicated they would require twice the money to do this particular transport. It is unclear whether or not SNARR Northeast agreed to the additional fees.

Happy Hounds Transport later contacted SNARR Northeast, yet again, telling them that the pups were ill and they would not continue the transport.

The rescue group requested that the transporters deliver the pups to a veterinarian in the area, but the transporters refused.

SNARR Northeast immediately called the authorities in the Pennsylvania area that the transport had last reported from, and a rescue volunteer was dispatched to try and locate the pups. Several attempts were made by both the rescue and the authorities to contact the transport but the transporters would not answers calls or texts.

The five pups were later found in the apron of a driveway, at a private residence, in Pennsylvania. They had all been crammed into a single small crate and wrapped with a table cloth. One of the pups, Heather, was found to be in extremely poor condition and later died at the veterinarian’s. It is unknown at this time what caused the pups death.

Authorities have started building a case against Happy Hounds Transport and its owner, Carmen Hope Freeman. The remaining four pups are being held at the York County SPCA where they are receiving proper medical attention.

SNARR Northeast will be in contact with the York County SPCA on Monday to determine the condition of the four remaining pups and when they might be able to retrieve them. SNARR Northeast intends to have a necropsy done on Heather, the pup that died, to determine her cause of death.

As of this writing, Happy Hounds Transport is not returning calls, texts, or messages on Facebook.

abandoned puppies

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