Winter transport in Oregon

Winter transport up north is not an option with any other reputable company

Winter Transport

“Winter transport is not an option with any other reputable company – why??”

We don’t have an actual answer to that question, only assumptions.  The best options we can come up with are: 

(1).  They are from the south and don’t have any experience driving in the snow and ice.

(2).  Snow and ice slow them down. Since most are purely profit-driven, they can’t make as much money.

(3).  They don’t like getting their hands (feet) dirty.  Yes, snow is messy business – especially when dogs are involved!

Winter transport in Oregon

So why will Comfort-Carriers do winter transport, when the others won’t?  We DO have answers to THAT question!!

(1).  We were born and raised in the more northern states. We refuse to let a little (or a lot) of snow and ice stop us! With years of law enforcement (being required to drive a patrol car in the snow and ice and NOT crash the car!) we’ve had well above-normal experience with driving in every type of weather conditions.  In extreme conditions it may slow us down, but we will get there as soon as we are safely able to do so!

(2).  We are customer service oriented. If our customers need us to drive in the snow and ice, we drive in the snow and ice.  Period.  Perhaps it will take us a little longer to drive through the northern-most parts of the U.S. in the winter, but when your pets need a safe ride to your new home – we will get them there!!

(3).  We don’t mind getting dirty – it all washes off!  But we DO mind keeping families apart! Nothing is more heartbreaking than being hundreds of miles away from those you love, with no idea of when you can all be together again. A little dirt, snow, ice, wind, rain, etc. will not keep us from helping you get your furry family members home – where they belong!!

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