Husky rescued from L.A.

Integrity. Doing the Right Thing … Every Day

Integrity, they call it. Doing the right thing, whether someone is a customer or not.

This doesn’t really fall under any particular category, nor does it have any true marketing value, etc. ¬†However, we are currently rejoicing in the knowledge that another dog who was going to be put to sleep in Los Angeles, CA now has a second chance at life.

Yesterday we were contacted by a woman named Marilyn who needed a Husky picked up from the “shelter” in L.A. and transported to her in Montana, ASAP. If you’ve ever done any work with rescues, you know that ASAP means “tomorrow”!! Unfortunately, we don’t have a driver currently in that part of the country, nor could we get anyone there quite so quickly … but we weren’t willing to let this pup be killed, just because WE couldn’t transport!

Long story short: We contacted a woman we had worked with on a previous rescue out of Los Angeles. ¬†She has done foster care for dogs who needed shelter until they could be transported. The Husky is now safely out of the shelter and in the loving care of our foster mom!!! When will we arrive for transport? We won’t. The new mama is making other transport arrangements. What is our compensation? This wonderful, incredible glow of knowing we have done the right thing for this woman and her new dog, as we have done for countless others.

I am copying/pasting her new mama’s latest email to us, here:

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe how it all worked out! It all started with you. I was bewildered with what to do. Everybody I called was not working out, till I called you. Thanks so much. I can’t wait to kiss my new little girl and take her out for a steak dinner! Sincerely, Marilyn P

If you have never been involved in pet rescue … why not give it a try? You can foster or help with rescue transport! Don’t know where to start? CONTACT US! We’ll help steer you in the right direction!

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