Thank You! for a great 2012 – videos

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A “thank you” to our clients!

We’ve had a great year and had a little time for creativity, so we’ve created some “Thank You!” videos to share with our customers and friends. Please enjoy these compilations of photos of pets we’ve transported over the last year.  After completion, we immediately realized there were several pets that were not included in the videos – so please accept our apologies but know we enjoyed our time with ALL of your wonderful pets!

First, our 2012 Thank You! video: Includes general photos of passengers throughout the year.

Next, our video of Rescue Pets Transported in 2012: Throughout the year, we conduct many rescue transports – here we share some of their stories.

Private Transports 2012: A video compilation of pets who traveled with us on private transports this year.

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Again, a heartfelt “thank you” from Comfort Carriers to all of our wonderful clients and pet passengers.

We know you had options, fears and concerns. We are thankful you chose us to calm the fears and gave us the opportunity to care for your pets. It was our pleasure getting to know each and every one of your precious babies in our travels together.

Author: Pet Lover

Comfort-Carriers began as the result of a brainstorm which occurred while at a cross-roads/career change. After several years in law enforcement-related work, it was time to find a way to continue to provide a service to help others and make a difference, but sitting behind a desk again was absolutely out of the question! After much soul-searching, an idea was born and began to take on a life of its own. The combination of three "loves" - a love for animals, a love for helping people, and a love for driving - brought us to the decision to begin a pet ground transportation service. We began as a low-key pet transportation company, helping families transport their dogs, cats and other pets on fairly short relocation moves. It became quickly apparent that there was an even greater need to provide service on long-distance moves, as well. Today, Comfort-Carriers is family-owned by three generations of animal-lovers. We have always had animals in our own homes: dogs, cats, rats, turtles, lizards ... you name it! If an animal has needed a home, we have found room permanently or until a loving family could take them into their own home. Because of our love of and personal experience with a wide variety of animals and over two decades of combined transport experience, we are well-equipped to provide the care and attention your pet needs and deserves during a long transport.