Crate/Kennel = Safety

What is the big deal about using a Kennel?

We regularly have potential customers ask, “Do my pets have to ride in a kennel? How about if we choose private transport and there are no other animals in the vehicle?

Our answer is always, without a question, “Yes!!”

Why? The pets are not accustomed to a kennel and it “seems so cruel” to lock them up!

Because we want EVERYONE’S pet to arrive at their new destination safely!!  Here are the supporting arguments:

(1). Kennels reduce the opportunity for a pet to bolt out of the vehicle and get lost, hurt or killed.

(2). Kennels keep pets confined to a smaller area of the vehicle so that they will not fly into (a). their driver, (b). the back of seats, (c). the windshield and possibly, (d). the street. (No matter how careful a driver is, traffic happens – and sudden stops are part of traffic.)

(3). Kennels help pets feel more secure during travel because they have their own designated space.

We have seen several new companies come out proudly announcing that your pets will not have to be kenneled to ride with them. What that says to us is that they have no idea how to keep your pet safe. We understand that providing the necessary equipment is expensive, but to us … it is worth the expense and we gladly provide that equipment to each of our customers’ pets.

If your pet is unaccustomed to a kennel or crate, buy or borrow one a few weeks prior to your pet’s transport. Follow our guidelines on how to help prepare your pet for transport – and then trust an experienced company to do what they do best!

Choose an experienced pet transporter who understands all aspects of keeping your precious pets safe and comfortable during your move. Sacrificing safety for perceived comfort can have tragic consequences, and we wouldn’t wish that on anyone!

Health Certificate Required?

No Health Certificate required?!

I was shocked and appalled. In reading what other pet transport companies are doing, I discovered a new trend.  Some of the many “crawled out of the woodwork” new companies are making it easier to transport animals. But at what cost? With no health certificate required by their company, the cost may be quite high in the end.

There are very good reasons why we require a valid Health Certificate for each one of our passengers.

First of all, it is required by law. Anyone transporting animals without a Health Certificate is operating illegally.

In addition, and most relevant to US: a Health Certificate issued by your pet’s veterinarian helps uncover a variety of health issues. Some of our past customers have discovered their pets had life-threatening health conditions. These may have resulted in death, had they not caught the illness pre-transport. Instead, they received life-saving treatment and medication. Their pets were then able to be safely transported.

Finally, they are allowing sick or diseased animals into their vehicles. Those same illnesses or diseases may linger. These can then be passed on to other passengers. A Health Certificate helps ensure that pets are properly immunized, as well as treated for parasites.

Be careful, friends. Less expensive and easier does not mean your pets are receiving the best possible care! Maybe it seems easier and less expensive. It is probably just a way to lure in unsuspecting customers who don’t fully understand the implications. We have watched a large number of fly-by-night companies start and leave the business. Most of the time it is to the detriment of their pet passengers.

In conclusion, the best practice is to use a pet transport company that knows their stuff and does not try to cut corners.

Pet Transport Company requires Health Certificate