How to prepare pets for travel?

We often have pet parents ask how to prepare pets for travel.prepare pets

The best thing you can do to help prepare pets for upcoming transport is to help them become comfortable with a crate or kennel. If your pet is not already accustomed to riding in a crate/kennel, start by putting treats in a crate. Once your pet is comfortable going into the crate to retrieve the treats, start leaving your pet in the crate for short periods of time when you will be out of the room or house. Provided your vehicle is large enough, you can then take your pet for short rides in the crate. Go around the block, or a few miles down the road. These preparatory measures will help avoid confusion and anxiety in your pet when it is time for the actual transport! prepare pets

Tips to get your pet to start going into a kennel, should they refuse to go in:

Try placing a couple of treats in the kennel. In lieu of treats, place the kennel in the area you normally feed your pet and slide the food dishes inside. (Your pet may wait a while to eat, but don’t panic! When they figure out that the food is in there they will find the courage to fill their stomach!)

A favorite toy is a great lure, as well!  For kitties, try some catnip!