Can you ride with your Pet? Or at least travel “in tandem”?

Can You Ride With Your Pet?

We know you worry and want to ride with your pet. Our answer is, in a word: No. There are several reasons for this.

First, we are a PET transport company. We need to focus on our pet passengers. Worrying about a human takes our attention from our passengers.

Second, we are not licensed to transport people. Nor are we insured to transport people. We cannot risk losing our insurance because we allowed a human on board.

Third, we did try a “tandem” situation early in the business. To say the least, it was a learning experience. Our travel-style and yours will likely not mesh. We stick to a pretty strict schedule and we will not alter pickup/delivery times because a human drank too much coffee or isn’t accustomed to driving long hours and wants to stop driving after an 8-hour day.

Our schedules are sun up to sun down, and then some. We keep an exhaustive schedule to take care of our passengers.  While we are accustomed to our hours, you likely are not.

It is not fair to you or our pet passengers to add the human dynamic to the mix and let you ride with your pet.

Nor is it fair to subject you to our rigorous schedule. The way we designed this business simply works and we have the reputation for care that we do because we have worked very hard to always do the best for our pet-passengers. Perhaps this sounds harsh, but know we work just as fiercely to protect and care for your pet!

Ride with your pet