Summer Heat: Baby, it’s HOT outside!!

 Summer Heat and Summer Travel

    We are experiencing the summer heat and the highest temperatures much of our nation has EVER seen this year. Some of us are experiencing what “hot” truly is, for the first time in our lives.  The Midwest is seeing daily temperatures over 110 degrees. Even the northern states are seeing triple-digit temperatures. You’re doing your best to keep yourself from melting, trying to stay hydrated and cool. Don’t forget these key points in taking care of your pets during this dangerously hot weather!

1.      Hydration.  

It should go without saying, but don’t forget to make sure they always have plenty of water.  If your pets stay outside, be SURE you keep plenty of water available for them.  Buy an extra bowl, keep it in the shade, and cool or refresh the water every couple of hours if possible.  If your pets travel with you in your car, be sure to take a collapsible bowl and water bottle, or other means of providing water.  You will likely need a drink along the way, and so will they!

2.      Shade. 

With these temperatures, it is better that your pets stay inside as much as possible.  If your pets must be outside much of the day, be sure they have plenty of shade available.  As the day wears on, the position of the sun changes so be sure you’re not depending on one stationery spot to provide shade all day long.  Buy a well-ventilated doghouse or, if necessary, hang an old towel or sheet to provide extra shade.  

3.      Fur.  

For pets with longer fur, NOW is a good time to get them groomed! Maybe they look funny with short hair, but that hair traps heat around their body and in 110+ weather, the last thing they need is a thick blanket wrapped around them in the hot sun!  Also, fleas and ticks love the summer heat, so another top priority right now is to be sure they are under treatment to prevent an infestation.

4.      Travel.  

Upcoming vacation?  Where will your pets stay?  If they are fortunate enough to go along in the car, be sure to be mindful of our first three tips.  If you choose to leave your pets in a doggy day care, be sure to make your reservations as early as possible with a reputable care provider.  Planning ahead will help keep the stress out of vacation time! 

Flying?  Be sure to check into the airline’s pet policy and see if they are even flying your pet’s breed.  Any snub-nosed dogs or cats cannot be flown in temperatures exceeding 85 degrees (some airlines refuse at 75 degrees).  Regardless of the airline restrictions, ground transportation is much safer … if you use a reputable professional pet transportation service.  It is typically more expensive than an airline, but don’t let cost rule your pet’s health.  Be sure to check references, as there are many unreliable/unethical services who are in the business for the wrong reasons. 

Regardless of who will be assisting with your pets while you are on vacation, be sure to have the necessary pet health care documentation before you leave, lest your pets be refused service at the last moment!  The pet care provider will be able to give you a complete list of necessary documentation upon booking.

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Summer Heat

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